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Bread, Pasta, Rice!

We are teh anti-Atkins!

Bread, Pasta, Rice....and BEER!
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Are you tired of hearing "net carbs" and "low carbs"? Do you make a point of avoiding anything labeled "Atkins approved"? Are you sick of hearing that it's better to eat the hamburger without the bun than the bun without the hamburger? Then this is the place for you!

At breadpastarice, we fight for your right to eat high-carb meals and drink a beer to boot!

breadpastarice exists for all of you who need a place to rant against low-carb fad diets. Have an article or some evidence condemning Atkins? Post it! Just want to complain? By all means!

Community Rules
The only rule in this community is that you keep your rants on-topic. Rant about low-carb diets, Atkins, South Beach, etc. Post information, both serious and humorous, that makes low-carb diets look bad. And above all, we encourage wankage! It amuses us.

*Disclaimer: We the moderators of breadpastarice are not diet experts or nutritionists. We are simply mostly-sane people who feel that a balanced diet of all the major food groups is far better for you than any fad diet. This is not a place to get advice on dieting or eating right.

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