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Bread, Pasta, Rice!

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July 13th, 2004

02:06 pm - carb love shack
Hey everyone --
I'm a big proponent of rational, well-rounded eating and regular exercise, so the low-carb diets really tend to irritate me. Last week I stumbled across a comment thread in which someone suggested that a Cafe Press shop be put together for carb lovers/anti-Atkins people. To make a long story short, I did just that. Take a look, and please feel free to pass the link on to your carb lovin' friends!

Carb Love Shack

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July 8th, 2004

10:22 pm - Atkins Debate Community
You are invited to atkins_debate. This is a place for pro-Atkins folks and anti-Atkins folks to sit down and talk about the diet without invading and disrupting each other's support forums. Topics for debate include the healthfulness or risks of Atkins, whether it works, etc.

So far, there aren't a lot of people who oppose Atkins, which is why I'm checking communities like this. Everyone is welcome.

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09:32 am
Anti-Atkins related comics

One from w00t-comic

and one from PvP

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July 4th, 2004

09:11 pm - Yes!!
Saw this in metaquotes and said, "YES!"


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June 23rd, 2004

01:17 pm - Yes!!

Experts slam low-carb trend as rip-off


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June 18th, 2004

10:42 am - Who would feed their kid low-carb anyway??

That just pisses me off. Children need all food groups to fully develop - of course a low-carb or low/high fat diet would be bad for them!

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Current Mood: irritatedirritated
Current Music: "Shadows" - Rufus Wainwright

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June 17th, 2004

07:48 pm
I offered my dad a tiny bite of cookie dough and he refused it because I guess the carbs would make his face melt like the Nazi's in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

But hey, if Atkins will make my dad stay the hell out of my cookies, maybe I can live with it... ;-)
Current Mood: deviousdevious
Current Music: Hamell on Trial - "Don't Kill"

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10:46 pm - I love teh Carbs!!
Hi there, I'm a newcomer.

I recently became a vegetarian, thus low-carb has no effect on me! Buwahahahaha! Take that dead Atkins!

I first heard of the low-carb crap when my mom decided to go on it last year, before it had this flood of mainstream success in recent months.

I had doubts of it from the beginning. Cutting out bread, cereal and pasta to eat greasy heaps of butchered cow/pig meat?

Everyday I watch TV, and every damn commercial break there's an ad for something new with fewer carbs than the original. I saw a sign in the pop (soda for you non-Midwesterners) aisle at Hy-vee that pointed to a shelf of Diet Coke that said "LOW CARB!".

I want to cry. I'm sure that if I made up a diet that said eating M&M's and deep-fried food helped you lose weight, I could get a large following.

Oh, and my dad works at Pizza Hut.
Tonight he brought home a medium pizza... and I had 5 slices.
And it felt damn good!
Current Mood: amusedamused

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June 14th, 2004

11:11 am
So, one of my mom's employees calls in sick the other day. She doesn't know what's wrong. She's throwing up and she has the chills and everything, but there's no flu going around and she doesn't think she's been in contact with anyone who's sick.

It turns out that she's been on the South Beach Diet for a few days and diabetes runs in her family. She was in insulin shock.


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June 11th, 2004

03:25 pm
Two things:

Low-carb yogurt.

McDonald's having low-carb Coke. We call it Diet Coke, people. :) Or Pepsi One, but that stuff is gross.


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